Monday, September 6, 2010

The Wurst Years?

Mike got the official offer today. We are moving to Germany! I have to say the finality of that email really hit home. It's a mixed reaction that I have. I've always told him though that I really am happy wherever I am. It takes some time, but I'm happy. The year long stay in my home town has been a rocky ride. I hadn't lived here in about 10 years so the adjustment period had been hard. I've had to come to terms with a lot of things in my life that I didn't have to deal with for a long time.

Moving to a neighborhood that was less than desirable for the majority of folks in our demographic had proven for me much more difficult than I had thought. Trying to "fit in" with my "demographic" has also been difficult. It seems to me from my experience, that a military community is much more "inclusive". When we first arrived in Yokosuka, it was easy to make friends because, figuratively and literally we were in the "same boat". I really did enjoy the diversity that the military community offered. A small microcosm of America all mashed together in 1 1/2 square miles. Coming back home, I found a much more "exclusive" environment. Not that folks were "mean". More like, they already had their lives, their family and their friends so really making new friends for them is on the low priority list.

I learned not to talk so much about Japan because sometimes it turned into a very uncomfortable situation. I also learned that many folks are intrigued when I say that we lived in Japan for several years but once I say it was with the military, they aren't so interested. It felt like I was being labeled as something, which really makes me sad, because that negative attitude towards the military, especially coming from a so-called educated crowd, just seems very one dimensional. I'm proud of the work that Mike did for our military, the mission, and our country as a whole. I'm also really looking forward to our new opportunity in Landstuhl, Germany. Working with the hospital could really provide a whole new realm of volunteer opportunities for me as well. I'm sorry if I sound a bit brash, but this was my negative half portrayed in a general sense.

Now, maybe on to the other half of my feelings for leaving. We haven't told Joshua yet. He has just started school again in 2nd grade and talks about his future all the time. How he can't wait for Samuel to start school at his school and how he will have so much fun showing him everything. He talks about graduating 8th grade from there and how he loves being in his new class.

Being here has really been wonderful for him. For the first time in a long time he's been able to experience extended family. My mother and Joshua have really been able to spend a lot of time together and both my boys are thrilled and light up every time I say, "Alright guys, get your shoes on, we're going to Grammi's!" My brother and sister have really enjoyed my being here (even though they'd never admit it). My sister loves Samuel and my brother, I think, is just starting to relate with Joshua. He also has a whole slew of cousins that he's so excited to see during every family gathering.

I've been able to finally connect with old friends. Friends that I've had since grade school, and it's been great trying to play catch up. I feel like after months we are finally starting to find our place... just barely.

So here it is. Months ago, when I received the call that Germany could be a possibility, I was thrilled because I was having such a hard time fitting in here. Now that I feel a little more comfortable in my shoes, moving has now become a reality. I think the beginning will be difficult like everything else, but I think it is just one more chapter in our lives as a family. I've found that every move that we've made has somehow added a new dimension to our family and made us more of a cohesive unit. After all, my motto has always been, 'If it's not a challenge, then it's not the Corry family!'

One constant in our family over the past few years has been "change". For those of you that are new to this blog, we kept a similar blog during our time in Japan (2005-2009) and for our time in Northern California (2009-2010). The above links will get you to those blog sites.

The blog you're reading now is where we intend to track our journey through Germany over the next few years. Stay tuned!

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