Saturday, July 23, 2011

Look what's hanging above my neighborhood this afternoon. After a summer of cold and rain, that's an impressive sight.


  1. Is this your house Nicki... with all the solar panels? Very neat. How did you enjoy LEGOLAND with your sister? I have never been there when it has actually been open... just when its been closed with lots of snow.

  2. Hey Cassie, (this is Mike, don't think Nicki's seen your comment yet)

    Legoland was awesome. We all had a good time and her sister enjoyed all of her Europe trip.

    The house in the pic is a neighbor's house. We live nearby, but have no solar panels. Wouldn't do much for us these days, we haven't seen the sun since early spring. Cold and rainy summer...

    How's San Diego? I miss that place every day... maybe we'll get back one day.