Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8 Years Baby

Today is supposed to provide record-breaking heat for this time of the year. In fact, there is a heat advisory out. It's the perfect day to be icing a cake in no A/C! I'm making a rainbow cake... totally awesome! The link is not the exact recipe that I used, but the effect is the same (I didn't have gel color for the batter and I didn't use diet cake recipe... barf). For his party, he's got Dad making a Garfield cake.

This is beside the point, though. Today is Joshua's REAL birthday. He'll be having his party this weekend, but for today, he is all ours! Eight years old today and already acting like an 18 year old. He woke up late, walked down the stairs to see me in my pajamas belting out happy birthday while brushing my teeth. I was promptly met with rolling of the eyes and, "Mom, maybe you should wait until your done brushing your teeth?!" So I waited, put the toothbrush down and sang again. Thankfully for him my breath was minty fresh when I gave him a smack on the cheek. That's right, I'm gonna take kisses and hugs while I can still get them. Samuel wasn't up yet, so we took a moment to go through his baby book and talk about one of the most important days of our lives... when he came into our world.

7 has been great and 8 promises to be a big year as well. His room just says it all. It is the culmination of everything "Boy". Legos, K'nex, and comic books are the order of the day. He's got sports trophies, air show posters, and maps up on his wall. The most important quintessential boy decoration: glow in the dark stars and planets! What a fun age. He's got a real sense of humor about him and a loving giving personality. What more could I ask for?

He's off swimming with one of his friends today. No need staying with mom. :( Such is the life. Lasagna for dinner (It's Garfield's favorite).

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  1. Is it possible to contact you somehow? We're a family looking at relocating to Landstuhl as my husband is also going to serve at LRMC as a civilian. I have a bunch of questions and I would LOVE to talk to you! Please can you drop me an e-mail at amero-euro-mama@hotmail.com? I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!!!