Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bing Crosby Would Be Singing

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas... just like the ones I used to know"

I've never seen such a sight. Growing up in central Virginia, we got snow. But not like the snow I've seen these past 3 weeks. Josh has absolutely loved it, since until now, his only experience with snow was the stuff that's already fallen. At 7 years old, he's finally been able to watch the snow fall from the sky, in all kinds of wonderful shapes and sizes. He's missed 2 days of school already and had 2-hour delays on several other days. As for me, I think it's beautiful, but I don't like driving in it one bit.

Just yesterday afternoon, we received about 6 inches of snow in a matter of hours. And that was on top of the other snow that has been building these past few weeks. The pics below are from one of the earlier snowstorms. They don't give any justice to the true amount of snow we currently have, but they give an idea of what a snowy evening in Landstuhl, Germany looks like.

The Streets of Landstuhl

Advertisement for an upcoming event

Neighborhood Grocery Store

Local Train Station

Sascha's Restaurant - a favorite of ours

Landstuhl Town Hall Christmas Tree

Pedestrian Crossing Zone

Steeple in Sepia-like Tone


  1. What a gorgeous city! I know the snow will eventually get old for you, but glad you are enjoying it for now. I long to live in a place where it snows, or any seasons for that matter...other than endless summer. I know you'll have a delightful Christmas in your winter wonderland. :)

  2. Maybe y'all can retire in a place with four seasons. I'd like to retire to a place with endless summer!

  3. Looks like a beautiful place. Tyler is hoping Josh will post more of his personal pictures like from the Japan blog!