Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Market in Landstuhl

It has been a couple of weeks since we posted (gasp!) anything to the blog, so I took the liberty of backdating this post to Dec 11, though it's actually Dec 21. I have a lot to post about, so I'll break it up chronologically as best as I can remember.

At the end of November, Landstuhl village engaged in a weekend-long Winter Market (not the official name, but not quite a Christmas Market either). Since our temporary quarters are nestled right in the heart of Landstuhl, it was an easy walk for us... in fact, the street in front of our temp apartment was closed off to vehicle traffic, so that pedestrians could take over and enjoy the small shops and food vendors abound.

These photos are primarily from Nov 27, but we took part in the market activities in some form or another pretty much every day of the event. They had rides for the kids, food and drinks for all, and all kinds of knick knacks for sale, including Christmas ornaments and random household items. We were particularly fond of the kinderpunsch (or child punch) and Gl├╝hwein (adult punch... heated wine). Josh and Sam enjoyed riding in circles on the various merry-go-round style rides. And of course, we ate bratwurst. And we liked it...

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