Friday, January 7, 2011

Super Dubber Kinderland in Dahn and Ramstein Aquatic Center

Yes, I finally have my license. Everyone get off the sidewalks! This is really a relief to me. Unlike Japan, it's pretty crucial to have my license here. Because of the snow, it's difficult to commute via foot just about anywhere. It's caused me to feel very isolated and glum.

However, armed with GPS, I'm feeling much more confident. Even now with a lease signed for a new home, I'm feeling much better.

Last week we went to Kinderland in Dahn. It was a short one hour drive to a huge indoor playground. Absolutely huge indoor play structure (about 3 stories high) small go carts, bicycles, tricycles, bounce houses and trampolines. This was exactly what I needed for the kids to sweat off some energy. The price wasn't too bad and it got us out. Something that we needed to do.

Another place that we've gone to recently is the Ramstein aquatic center. It's located on Ramstein AB and is really great for all ages. There is a small wading pool that's 1.5 ft deep and a small fountain. Perfect for the itty bitties. The other children's area is about 4ft at it's deepest, with 3 small water slides and 1 really big tube slide. There are life vests there for toddlers and preschool kids. Swimming lessons are offered there and a ton of activities like mommy and me swim in the bigger pool. Now until March is Cosmic Swimming in the evening with glow sticks for sale. Also, they have birthday party packages. The center opens early at 9:00AM on Wednesdays; perfect for me. After dropping Joshua off at school, I can drive over. The bummer is that we have the pool basically to ourselves. Around 10:00/10:30, other moms with toddlers start showing up. Sam has to take an early nap for him to get enough sleep before I pick up Joshua at 3:00. We usually show up at 9:00 are done around 10:00-10:30, get showered, dressed and home by 11:00, eat lunch (done around 11:30-12:00) and then nap until 2:30. Then it's off to pick up Joshua. At least that's the rough plan! I'm looking forward to when we move to our home and the bus picks up and drops off Joshua. It will give me a little more flexibility, I hope. As usual, I've given a little too much info and gotten off the subject but I hope that readers get the point that this Aquatic Center in my opinion is state of the art and a great place to take the kids. I do really want to try Azur, which is also in Ramstein but off base. I hear it's nice. In addition to kid pools it also has a sauna and tanning booths. WOOHOO!

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