Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cathedral of Trier

Today, we took a road trip to Trier, Germany, which is near the German border of Luxembourg. It's only a bit over an hour drive from Landstuhl, but it was nice to get away for a few hours and experience something new. After spending the lion's share of these first two and a half months within a stone's throw of the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC), trying to transition into the community and create some form of normalcy in our lives again, hitting the road for Trier was a great stress relief. As Nicki mentioned in her prior post, we have found and signed a contract for a rental home, so we have just another fortnight or so to wait until we can move into a more permanent living situation, and we can actually see our own home furnishings again. Now that we've locked in a move-in date, we feel a little more free to spend our weekends doing more of what we have wanted to do... explore Germany!

The primary goal for our trip to Trier was to visit the Cathedral of Trier, which is the oldest cathedral north of the Alps and within all of Germany. It was constructed in the 4th century; though it has been through a few renovations along the way. We got there in the late morning and I snapped a few photos of the exterior building before we headed inside. Once inside, we were amazed by two things:

1. The enormity of the place and attention to detail within the architectural and artistic building elements, and,

2. Our two year old, Sam, actually remained quiet for the entire hour or so that we spent inside the church, once we asked him upon entering to be silent.

After walking the inside of the cathedral while taking turns pushing Sam's stroller, we worked our way back outside. On the way back to the car, we stopped by a German toy store - these places are a lot of fun and the toys are so cool - and Nicki picked up a couple toys for a new baby recently born in our circle of friends. Then, it was back to the car for lunch. Nicki had packed a picnic style lunch for us, so we actually hit the road from Trier and stopped to eat at an autobahn rest stop, which was perched on a hill overlooking several small villages.

Some photos of the trip (and one of Jane, our cat) are below:

Jane the Cat

Cathedral of Trier

The Main Altar

These Organ Pipes are Huge

A Building Across from the Cathedral

House Sign in front of the Toy Store

View from the Toy Store


  1. What a wonderful experience! It's not just that you are in Germany, (but of course!), but that you were in the presence of ancient history and are now apart of that history.

  2. So great to spy on you in your new world. I am excited to see Germany and your new home! -dayna