Sunday, February 19, 2012

German Ovens

The majority of ovens here have 2 knobs. One is for the temperature (which is measured in Celsius) the other is the "type" of heat you need. Most American ovens (unless they are super ultra modern) don't have these settings. For those locals who are confused a quick google search should produce some results. This link is to a British explanation for these settings. It doesn't cover all of the settings that we have but, I thought this would help: German Oven Settings

Our family is huge fans of frozen pizza. (Mainly because we are natoriously cheap and don't want to pay to eat out or get delivery) Apparently, the Germans are too because frozen pizzas take up about 2 rows of freezer space at the market. They even have tuna pizza......for some of the readers this might sound nasty but it's good. I swear! The pizzas that are sold are smaller than the average American frozen pizza but they run 2-3 Euro ($2.50-$4.00) per box depending on what brand it is. The majority of German frozen pizzas that I've tried have been great. The crust is crispy and thin. For folks who love to have frozen pizza at home, it's a must to explore the "off post" options. There is actually a setting on the German oven that theoretically will let us cook several pizzas at a time. We haven't tried this yet but I think next pizza night, we may experiment.

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  1. wow- from Japan to Germany you sure have a range of ovens!